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CEO and CIO J. Malmgren
  I am the CEO and CIO Jørgen George Leonard Malmgren
After 42 years of employment in Slagelse Municipality, Denmark, my experiences are both from the user’s point of view, and the IT-Programmer’s point of view. My first 17 years were in the “City Hal Registry of People”, where my first IT-skills and education started, and the next 25 years were in the IT-Department, where the main part was programming development packages for 6.000 computers, using the CapaSystems Management System.

I was retired from the IT-Department in 2015  – but not tired –  so I’m still a professional IT-programmer designing, creating, and supporting my 3 websites:
https://websiteconsultor.net https://theonvipeband.online https://tryware90days.com
Period: Location: Curriculum Vitae:
1973 – 1990: Primary Municipality,
City Hal, Registry of People, Slagelse, Denmark
Head clerk coordinator: National registration office with 6 employees
Tax-, Income- and PersonalData-, Election-, & Central Personal Registration System
Uniplex-system. Dos 3.3 & IBM Text4
1977-1979: 6 separate days of Central Personal Registration System courses at KMD
1980: 2 days purchasing IT equipment at HK Trade Union
1980: 5 days about how to use IT in the Municipality at Center for Public Competency Development
1980: 1-week data development course at HK Trade Union
1980: 1-week data processing course at HK Trade Union
1980: a 1-week course about the basic programming language at HK Trade Union
1980: 2 days register guidelines data-course at Society of Municipalities
1981; Several evenings course in 3 months about IBM System 34, RPGII-programming at my brothers IT Consultant Service Company
1981: Several weeks Pilot-testing of FOKUS-system at KMD
1984: Several weeks Pilot-testing of P-DATA-release 2-system at KMD
1984: 3 days Central Personal Registration course at KMD
1985: Several weeks Pilot-testing of P-DATA-release 2-system at KMD
1985: Creating the user manual for KMD’s  P-DATA-release 2-system
1986: Personal planning course at Centre for Public Competency Development
1986-1987: Taught 170 hours in using RC45-terminal
1987: Several weeks Pilot-testing of P-DATA-release 4-system at KMD
1988: 1-day data-basics-course at course center Willemoes
1989: Authorized by Westsealands County for teaching computing in evening classes
1989: 2 days senior clerk-course at Society of Municipalities
1989: 1-day DOS-basics-course at KMD
1989: 2 days IBM-Text4-course at KMD
1990: Primary Municipality,
City Hall, IT-Project of Selfadministration, Slagelse, Denmark
IT-Consultant: Teaching about PC-Accounting in the primary Municipality School and social institutions.
David- & Pc-os Accounting. Windows 3.11
Microsoft Word 6.0 and Excel 4.0
Borland Turbo Basic Compiler
1990: Taught 300 hours in PC-accounting
1991: Primary Municipality, City Hall, IT-Department, Slagelse, Denmark Occupation:
IT-Service coordinator: Management system (750 WinXP-clients), Antivirus/ SpyWare/ Security, Intranet, Databases, system developing/programming.
Operating systems:
Dos 6.2
Linux Slackware
Microsoft Windows 95 & 98, 2000  & XP Sp2 Client
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 WS
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, 2000, 2003 Advanced Server
Novell 3.11 & 4.11 & 5.1
Aimit Asset Management
Capa Management System
DameWare NT Utilities
Eicon Access for Windows
Forefront Forehelp 2,97
InfoExpress HelpDesk & WebInterface
Intel Landesk Manager
McAfee Vshield
Microsoft Exchange 5.5 & Outlook 2000 & 2003
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 – 6.0
Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0, 2000 & 2003
Microsoft Office 4.3 & 97, 2000 & 2003
Microsoft SQL Server 2003
Microsoft Virtual PC
Netscape 4.0
Panda Antivirus
PestPatrol 4.0 & 5.0
Trend OfficeScan 5.02
Trend VCS Antivirus-suite
WmVare Workstation 5
X-win32 (w2k -> linux)
Programming skills:
Borland Turbo Basic Compiler
HTML (Microsoft Notepad)
Microsoft Access 2.0 & 2000VBA
Microsoft command-line batch
Microsoft Frontpage 2000
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
Microsoft VBScript 6.5 (Windows Scripting Host)
Microsoft Word 6.0-Basic
Winbatch 2000k Compiler
1991: 3 days Uniplex-ETB1-course at HK Trade Union Moduldata
1991: 1-day teacher-course at HK Trade Union Moduldata
1991: 3 days Uniplex-spreadsheet-course at HK Trade Union Moduldata
1991: 2 days UNIX-system administration-course at RC International
1991: 1.day RC9000 server-course at RC International
1991: 3 days Uniplex-ETB2-course at HK Trade Union Moduldata
1991: 4 days Uniplex-database-course at HK Trade Union Moduldata
1991-1994: Taught 1200 hours in Uniplex ETB1-3, Uniplex spreadsheet 1-2, and Uniplex database at Slagelse Municipality
1992: 3 days Uniplex-report generator-course at HK Trade Union Moduldata
1992: 1-day Novell 3.11 koncept+installation-course at First Lanmark
1992: 3 days Novell 3.11 system administration-course at First Lanmark
1993: 2 days Uniplex ETB2 course at ICL Data
1995: 4 days Novell 4.10-system administration-course at Azlan
1995: 9 days Microsoft Word at Slagelse Trading School
1995: 3 days Microsoft Excel at Slagelse Trading School
1996: 3 days Ms. Word1 course at TradeSchool
1996: 3 days Ms. Excel1 course at TradeSchool
1996: 3 days Ms. Word2 course at TradeSchool
1996: 3 days Ms. Excel2 course at TradeSchool
1996: 3 days Ms. Word3 course at TradeSchool
1996: 1-day Ms. Powerpoint course at TradeSchool
1996: 3 days Ms. Access course at TradeSchool
1996: 3 days Novell 4.10 advanced administration course at Azlan
1996: 2 days Novell 4.10 installation configuration course at Azlan
1997: 1-day internet basics course at IT-Group
1998: 1- day Ms. Excel3-course at TradeSchool
1998: 1-day Ms. Word4-course at TradeSchool
1998: 2 days Ms. Access1 course at DDE
1998: 2 days Ms. Access2 course at DDE
1999: 3 days NT server 4.0 administration-course at Azlan
1999: 5 days NT server 4.0 core technologies-course at Azlan
2001: 3 days Ms. VBScript course at CapaSystems
2004: 2 days Captia system administration course at ScanJour
2004: 5 days Windows server 2003 ActiveDirectory, Group Policy and DNS course at Kursusplanen
2005: 1-day Captia basics course at CSC Consulting Group
2006: 4 days VBScript at CapaSystems
2006: 1-day ITIL V3 Foundation Bridge course and certification at Øberg Partners
2007: 2 days ITIL V3 Foundation Bridge course at Service & Support Forum
2003: Certified Expert In Operating Systems Network Security, and Windows Network Security http://www.experts-exchange.com/Security/Win_Security/M_987516.html
Wizard Level 329.048 points
418 Accepted Solutions
106 Assisted Solutions
Microsoft MVP Award Microsoft MVP Awards:
The Windows Server Systems Security,
and the Windows Security
To receive the Microsoft MVP Award, MVP nominees undergo a rigorous review process.  
A panel of the MVP team and Microsoft product groups evaluates each nominee’s technical expertise.
The panel considers the quality, quantity, and level of impact of the MVP nominee’s expertise.
2007: Primary Municipality of Slagelse
City Hall, IT-Department,
Korsør, Denmark
Head clerk IT-coordinator: IT-Department in 4 Primary Municipalities joined.
Management system (3.000 WinXP-clients)
Operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 32 bit
BMC Remedy Helpdesk System 7.5
Capasystems Console 4.9
Capasystems PackageCreator 4.9
Cisco VPN Client 5.0
CSIS Heimdal Agent 1.0.3
CYBERsitter LLC/Solid Oak Software LookInMyPC 2.10
DameWare Mini Remote Control 5.0
Don HO Notepad++ Editor 5.9
Eusing Free Registry Cleaner 2.6.6
Ivan Zahariev IZArc Archiver 4.1
iTripoli Admin Script Editor 3.2
iWisoft Free Video Converter 1.0
Matt Williams ManagePC 2.5
Maxtor Corporation OneTouch 4.7
McAfee VirusScan + AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.7i
Medianet Personal Interactive Communicator 3.2
Microsoft Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in 6.1
Microsoft Group Policy Management snap-in 6.0
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0
Microsoft Orca MSI Editor 1.10
Microsoft Security Essentials 20
MOOII TECH PhotoScape 1.0
Mozilla Foundation Composer 7.10
Microsoft Office 2007
NCH Software Classic FTP 2.14
NCH Software Prism Video File Converter 1.61
NCH Software VideoPad Video Editor 2.22
Netop Live Communicator 4.0
Nexus Terminal  3270/5250  Emulator 5.54
PC Drivers Headquarters DriverBoost 6.6
RealVNC Server Enterprise Edition 4.6
Prevx Antivirus, -Adware, -Rootkits, -Trojans or SafeOnline 3.0
SourceTec Software Movie DVD Maker 3.7
SourForge.net Process Hacker 2.11
TeamViewer GmbH Remote Control Application 6.0
Tetrapyriarbus Yipes Editor 2,22
Trio Enterprise VoiceMail
Yamicsoft WinXP Manager
Programming skills:
2012: Primary Municipality of Slagelse
City Hall, IT-Department,
Korsør, Denmark
IT-Department, Backoffice, CapaSystems Management system, and Domain administrator
(6.000 Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 Enterprise clients)
Operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64 bit
Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise 32 bit
Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise 64 bit
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise 32 bit
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64 bit


4Videosoft Blu-ray Ripper 5.0.22
7-Zip 9.20
Adobe AIR
Adobe Flash Player 15 ActiveX
Adobe Flash Player 15 Plugin
Adobe Reader X 10.1.4
Adobe Shockwave Player 12.1
Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2013
Aiseesoft DVD Creator
All My Movies Database
All My Songs Database
Ammyy Admin
AnVir Task Manager
Any DVD Cloner Express
AutoIt v3.3.12.0
Beyond Sync Pro
BitKinex FTP
BMC Remedy Action Request System 7.5
Brother ControlCenter3
BrowseEmAll 2.9
BugBopper Antivirus
CapaSystems Management Client 5.1
CapaSystems Management Console
CapaSystems Management Package Creator
Chameleon Task Manager
CintaNotes 2.8.4
Cleanse Uninstaller Pro 10.0
Cloud System Booster
CollegeIt 1.9.0
Comodo Antivirus
Comodo Program Manager
CSE HTML Validator v12.0
DameWare Mini Remote Control 7.5
DeepTrawl 3.5
DeployMaster 4.2.1
Digiarty WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe
Driver Magician
Domainer 2.2
Driver Magician 3.68
Duck Duck Go Search Engine
EasyFLV HD FLV Encoder 2
EasyFLV Streaming Video 9
EdgeRunner SpaceMonger
EMCO MSI Package Builder 4.5.2
Eset Free Antivirus
ESET online scanner
EzGenerator4 Web Builder
ffdshow x64
Fix regCleaner 1.0
Flash Slideshow Maker Professional
Flow Architect Studio
FreeTunes 3.0
Google Chrome
Google Drive
Google Earth Pro
Heimdal Csis Antivirus
Heimdal Free update handler
HP Photosmart 5510 series
Horizon Reboot Restore Rx
IL Download Manager
IOBit Advanced System Care 5
IOBit Uninstaller
IOBit Malware Fighter
iWisoft Free Video Converter 1.2
Java 8 Update 25
K-Lite Codec Pack 8.7.0
KC Softwares K-ML Mailing List Tool 4.5.417
Kompozer Web Editor
Lazesoft Data Recovery Professional 3.2
Leawo Blu-ray Creator
Logitech Vid HD
Logitech Webcam Software
MailWasherPro 2012 1.20.0
MEDIA Revolution
Memory Savior
Microsoft Office 2003
Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft Office 2010
Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft Silverlight
Microsoft SkyDrive
Microsoft SQL-Server 3.5
Microsoft Zune
Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 8
Microsoft Windows Media player 11
Mozilla Firefox 33.1.1
Mozilla Maintenance Service
Netop Remote Control Guest
Netop Remote Control Host
Norton Internet Security 2012 -2013
Norton Management
novaPDF 8
Pc Safe Doctor Antivirus
PC Shower 2012 8.0
PDF Creator
PDF-Exchange Pro 4.0
PDFill PDF Editor
Photo to Sketch Converter
PhotoScape Photo Editor
Process Lasso
PSPad Editor CapaLib
QT Lite 4.1.0
RealA2V 1.0
Reg Organizer 5.46
Remote Desktop
Renee Laboratory PassNow
Samsung Link
SciTE4AutoIt3 Editor
Second Life Viewer
Secunia PSI
SciTe4AutoIt3 Editor
Seo PowerSuite LinkAssistent 4.5.3
Seo PowerSuite Rank Tracker 6.5.3
Seo PowerSuite Spy Glass 5.5.3
Seo PowerSuite WebSite Auditor 3.5.3
SiteMap Generator
SIW 2015
Smart Defrag 2
Soft Organizer 3.03
Sothink DHTML Menu 9
Sothink Logo Maker Special
Sothink Movie DVD Maker
SpyHunter Antivirus
Symantec Endpoint Protection
SysResources Manager
System Explorer 6.3.0
System Cleaner 6
TeamViewer 9.0.32494
Trend Micro Browser Guard
Trend Micro CWShredder
Trend Micro HiJackThis
Trend Micro Housecall Launcher
Trend Micro Rootkit Buster
Trend Micro RuBotted
TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance
TuneUp Registry Editor
TuneUp Utilities 2013
UnHackMe Reanimator 7.11
Web.com Web Builder
WebSiteX5 Evolution 11
Westergaard ITIL Service Navigator
Vipre Internet Security 2013
Wise Care 365 1.51
VLC Media Player 2.0.2
VMware Virtual Machine 7.5
WM Converter
WM Recorder 14
VMware 7.5
Wondershare DemoCreator
Wondershare DVD Creator 2.6.5
Wondershare Vivideo
XYplorer 12.20
Zoner Photo Studio 14
Programming skills:
Advanced Microsoft Commandline Batch including function call
CapaSystems Management System’s CapaInstaller VBScript
Creating more than a dozen CapaSystems CustomLib function that’s not part of CapaLib
2015: Retired from Slagelse Municipality Early RetirementMarch 31, 2015, but not tired, because of getting more time to compose and create more music, and to develop even more of the 100% FreeWare and Software Windows programs  ;O)
2015 – 2021: Private home in Slagelse, Denmark Operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Edition 64 bit
Aiseesoft Total Video Converter
Adobe Digital Editions 4.5
Ashampoo Windows Optimizer 18
Band in a Box
Blues Piano Solos Vol 1
Google Chrome
Ms. Edge
Karafun Player 2
Master Flatpick Guitar Solos
Master Jazz Guitar Solos 1-4
Moo0 Audio Recorder 1.49
Mozilla Firefox
Ms. Excel 2003
Ms. Outlook 2003
Ms. Word 2003
Netgear NAS
Outlook Google Calendar Sync
Plogue Sforzando x64
Qfinder Pro
Realband 64-bit
Remote Utilities
RollBack Rx Professional 10.4
Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning 2
ScreenHunter 7.0 Pro
Syncovery v9.29a
VLC Media Player
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CEO & CIO The Onvipe Band 
Certified Hypnotherapist
Music Producer
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